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Learn how to use JobsTT to your advantage

JobsTT joins PYLARRtt St. Jude’s Program

On Saturday 10th September 2016, JobsTT participated in the fifth annual PYLARRtt Program at St. Jude’s Home for Girls. JobsTT sponsored the Resume Preparation segment of the Career Advice/Cash Management day.

The participating girls learned how to compose a resume, informed about the Trinidad and Tobago job market at present and was treated to lunch. JobsTT is proud to help a great initiative created by PYLARRtt, who aims to supply young women with the emotional and technical tools to succeed in life.



New Feature: Re-Submit Your Application


We’ve all been there. Sometimes we double and triple check our application before we hit the ‘Send’ button, only to notice a spelling mistake a minute after. Usually on other online job websites, once an application is submitted, it’s difficult to re-apply to the same job position since the system has already marked your application as previously successful.

JobsTT sought to rectify this issue by allowing our job seekers to delete their applications on BOTH ends. Our website is now updated to withdraw your application from the employer’s Jobstt’s inbox, once removed from the job seekeer’s account.

So rest assured that now you can delete and re-submit your application without a hassle using!

See here for a tutorial on how to apply via JobsTT!

How to use – Applying for a Job

Once you have uploaded your resume and edited your profile. It’s time to find a job!

Here’s 5 easy steps!

Step 1: Browse jobs or Search for a specific one > Click ApplyB5

Step 2: Enter mandatory information > Upload saved Resume > Click “I’m not a robot” to verify > Click SendB6

Step 3: If your application cannot be sent, you will be prompted to review the application form – see Step 2

Step 4: If your application is sent, you will see the following message:


Step 5: If you have already applied for the position, you will see this pop up:


Congrats! You’ve just applied for your dream job!

For queries and questions please forward them to

How to Use – Attaching Your CV

   Creating an account and applying via JobsTT is simple and convenient for all job seekers. To show you how easy it is, we have created a quick step manual to get you started!

Tip: Use Google Chrome, Firefox or Safari browsers to access!

Register and Upload Your Resume



Go to > Click Register






Choose I am a Jobseeker > Fill in the relevant info > Click “I’m not a robot” to verify > Click Register






Click My Profile > Choose My Resume > Click ‘Upload Resume’





Choose your file > Click Open > Click  Submit



Please note: Though the file name may not appear immediately in the grey ‘Upload Resume’ box, once you hit Submit it will appear.

Virtual Staff Training. Are we good Participants?

Virtual Staff training. Yes it falls under our purview as HR Executives/Consultants. I recently read an article on being Virtually Competent. It said:

“After almost two decades, virtual classrooms have become an expected part of the corporate training mix. Most organizations already have invested in virtual classroom software and are now expecting that some percentage of their training content will be delivered virtually.”

But before we talk virtual learning for staff, how are our grounds rules on our own training? Are we good participants? What should your guidelines be when it comes to effective Staff training?


Don’t create an environment where participants are easily distracted. Find a place that will allow you to participate. If you need a telephone, consider a headset for comfort. Talk to the Instructor about using Skype or Google Hangouts as an option as well.

Distractions. Remove them.

Due to the multi-tasking environments that we work in, an email, a telephone call, etc. may interrupt the process. Virtual training programs are not for multi-tasking. To learn and answer business calls may not be effective.

Equipment Equipment Equipment.

Sometimes the Facilitator may request that you specifically use a laptop or PC. It’s probably a good thing to adhere to the request as a Tablet may not have the resources to power the presentation. But it won’t hurt to ask the facilitator what may be good alternatives before the training session begins.

..but also software…

Make sure the software for the training session works on your PC before the session starts. Many times the link to download is sent 36 hours in advance. That’s enough time to test the waters, and screen shoot any error messages you may have while installing or using the software.

And finally… be nice. Participate!

It’s called participant training for a reason. Your level of participation tells the instructor how you are handling the material. Sometimes Instructors like to fast track if they realize you can handle it. That only happens based on participation engagement.

Virtual Learning is fast becoming part of how we train up our staff in new tech, methods of delivery of a product or service, and how to be a virtually competent participant is just as important as the content being delivered. But that said, being a disciplined participant is just as important.