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SMS Application Service!


How to Register via Text


Text the information below to 384-2370

  • Name,
  • Email address (optional)
  • Areas of Interest (examples below)
    • Mason
    • Security
    • Factory
    • Loader
    • Delivery Driver
    • Heavy T Driver
    • Landscaping
    • Cleaner
    • Welding/Fabrication
    • Restaurant/Hospitality
    • Grocery Worker


You will receive a REPLY when your account is created.

How to Apply via Text


REPLY to the SMS job alert message
TEXT the JOB CODE # (listed in the job advertisement) to 384-2370


Persons with smartphones and/or an active email address SHOULD REGISTER via SMS Service.

Please do not use this service if you already have an existing JobsTT account!

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***Standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply based on your plan with your mobile phone carrier***

How to Match Your Resume to the Job You Want

Thinking of switching professions?

Trying to break into a new field?

Are you a recent graduate looking for work?

Each job application is unique and may ask for different qualifications and experience based on the employer’s needs. It is important to read the job description before sending in your application. From the job description, you can use keywords to streamline your cover letter and resume to the job position. Matching up roles and skill set lets the hiring manager notice that your application is worth reviewing.

Below is a guide to help you with this process:Job_ad_alignment_infographic



New Feature: Re-Submit Your Application


We’ve all been there. Sometimes we double and triple check our application before we hit the ‘Send’ button, only to notice a spelling mistake a minute after. Usually on other online job websites, once an application is submitted, it’s difficult to re-apply to the same job position since the system has already marked your application as previously successful.

JobsTT sought to rectify this issue by allowing our job seekers to delete their applications on BOTH ends. Our website is now updated to withdraw your application from the employer’s Jobstt’s inbox, once removed from the job seekeer’s account.

So rest assured that now you can delete and re-submit your application without a hassle using Jobstt.com!

See here for a tutorial on how to apply via JobsTT!