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How to Dress for an Interview


So you’ve got an interview for the job you are praying to get, what now? As the saying goes, first impressions last, so choosing the perfect interview outfit is crucial. Don’t freak out! The best outfit consists of being comfortable, showing personality and boosting your confidence!

#JobsTTtip – Know Your Colours!

Knowing what different colours mean can help choose your outfit to fit the job description.


Now that you know your colours, you can piece them together! Check out some samples of how your should dress below:




Tech_start up

PLUS SIZE (women)

plus size


ps menPS men2

Follow these tips to dress for success!

15 Steps to Prepare for a Job Interview

So you’ve made it to the interviewing stage and you’re wondering What to do now? The answer is simple: Prepare. This is your time to market yourself and campaign for the job position. Your resume did the ground work, now it’s time to solidify the outcome.

Business Insider’s Director of talent, Stephanie Fogle, come up with the ultimate interview guide, from start to finish.

Here is what you MUST do to be ready for the big day:



Read the original article on Business Insider. Copyright 2016.


When to Seek Feedback from an Employer

One of the many frustrations of job hunting is receiving little to no feedback on submitted applications from potential employers.


According to a poll done by Simply Hired last week on Twitter, recruiters say a candidate should wait up to 5 – 7 days before following up on a job interview.

Following up with an employer after an application submission or interview can help you fine-tune your cover letter and CV for the next job opportunity coming your way. So to determine the right time to seek feedback, you should consider the following questions:

Have you successfully applied/interviewed for the job position?

Make sure that your application is successfully sent and delivered. If it’s an interview, note the date of the interview.

Has it been more than a week since you applied/interviewed?

From the date of your application/interview, count to see if seven (7) or more days have passed.

Is it pass the deadline date/feedback date for the job post?

Note if the application deadline or the feedback date given by the interviewer has passed.

If you have answered Yes to ALL of the above questions, then go ahead and contact the employer. The HR department should be willing to give feedback on your application/interview.

If you answered No on any of the above questions, you should consider giving the employer a few more days before seeking feedback.

Remember, whether if your feedback is positive or not, always ask how you can improve your resume or interviewing skills for future reference!