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How to Match Your Resume to the Job You Want

Thinking of switching professions?

Trying to break into a new field?

Are you a recent graduate looking for work?

Each job application is unique and may ask for different qualifications and experience based on the employer’s needs. It is important to read the job description before sending in your application. From the job description, you can use keywords to streamline your cover letter and resume to the job position. Matching up roles and skill set lets the hiring manager notice that your application is worth reviewing.

Below is a guide to help you with this process:Job_ad_alignment_infographic



What’s Your Ideal Career?

Wondering which career is right for you?

We spend most of our lives making decisions on finding a job that will both make us happy and be financially stable. It also comes down to our personalities and whether we CAN do what we THINK we can do.

It’s time to listen to your instincts and be honest about which career will truly fit into your life. Just like Jobstt, the below flow chart will help guide you to that next step. The best part? There are specific job suggestions if you’re still unsure of what you should do. Have a look!

truity graphic

Read the original article on The Daily Muse. Copyright 2015.


New Feature: Re-Submit Your Application


We’ve all been there. Sometimes we double and triple check our application before we hit the ‘Send’ button, only to notice a spelling mistake a minute after. Usually on other online job websites, once an application is submitted, it’s difficult to re-apply to the same job position since the system has already marked your application as previously successful.

JobsTT sought to rectify this issue by allowing our job seekers to delete their applications on BOTH ends. Our website is now updated to withdraw your application from the employer’s Jobstt’s inbox, once removed from the job seekeer’s account.

So rest assured that now you can delete and re-submit your application without a hassle using Jobstt.com!

See here for a tutorial on how to apply via JobsTT!

New Service – Temporary Placement Solutions

JobsTT is happy to help you with your temporary needs!

We can help you fill:

Interim Management positions – the leasing of a manager at an Executive and Senior Management level for a fixed period.

Temporary positions – a certain period of time based employment based on the needs of the employing organization.

There are many benefits for using temporary workers. Some of which include:

  1. Enabling your business to adjust more easily and quickly to workload fluctuations
  2. Maintaining staffing flexibility
  3. Evaluating workers without commitment
  4. Saving time and money

How to Increase Your Qualifications

adult_studyIf you have been on the job hunt for a while, you will notice that having three (3) CXC/CSEC passes is no longer sufficient to land an entry level job in Trinidad and Tobago. Most employers are seeking five (5) or more passes for their entry level positions.

Since this is the case, job seekers have to consider entering back into school to earn and increase their qualifications. It’s not always easy between work and home life, but if you can create the time and supply the effort, having just two (2) more passes can increase the likelihood of landing the ob position of your dreams – not to mention upgrading you into a better salary bracket!

Where to start?

Adult Literacy Tutors Association (ALTA)

Here is where you begin if you need help reading and writing. The Adult Literacy Tutors Association, a non-profit organization in existence since 1992, provides the only comprehensive, structured, adult literacy programme in Trinidad and Tobago. ALTA does not necessarily provide CXC/CSEC classes, but aids in literacy to eventually write those exams. There are three (3) locations in P.O.S., Arima, and San Fernando.

Tel: 624-2582
Email: altapos@alta-tt.org

 Below are four (4) schools that provide CXC/CSEC classes for returning students, no matter what age!

Upper Level Educational Institute Ltd

ULEI is one of the leading private secondary schools in Trinidad. Its distinguished reputation and outstanding achievements have contributed to its growth and development over the years. Located in Chaguanas, Trinidad

Tel: 672-8797
Email: admin@uleitt.com

CTS College of Business and Computer Science Ltd

Over the years, thousands of students have graduated from CTS’ CXC/CSEC and GCE O’ level programmes, and some have progressed on to one of our degree programmes in Business or Information Technology, some of them have also gone on to completing their MBA. Located in Chaguanas, Trinidad

Tel: 671-2551/2872
Email: Study@CTScollege.com

Elders’ Classes

Elders’ classes provide a range of classes, including courses in CXC/CSEC after school and work flexibility. Located in P.O.S., Trinidad.

Tel: 627-8632 / 623-0935
Email: n/a


BetterGradesFast.com provides the option for online video classes so that you don’t even have to leave your home. Their physical location is in Arima, Trinidad.

Tel: 308-4028
Email: n/a

 Don’t wait until you are too busy or cannot afford to improve your qualifications. Remember this investment today will provide a better tomorrow for you and your family! So take the leap now!

Brand Yourself Using Social Media

In the digital age, a person’s character and skills are quickly judged by their online presence before a real meeting. Turns out, about 92% of companies use social media for hiring – excluding LinkedIn. Your social media persona can help get the job (i.e. show creativity) or it can hamper your chances (i.e. show incompetence).

Here’s some Dos and Don’ts on how to use Social Media to your advantage!


  • Do choose a profile picture that is not scandalous and/or offensive.
  • Do create a user name that is close to your real name. Corrects spelling helps!
  • Don’t post everything you may find funny and/or go on a rant.
  • Don’t use offensive, racial and/or obscene language in most of your posts.


  • Do choose an appropriate profile picture with a clear view of your face.
  • Do make sure you spell check your profile.
  • Don’t lie on your profile.

Personal Blog/ Instagram/ Youtube/ Tumblr/Pinterest

  • Do show your creativity, worth ethic and interests!
  • Don’t leave your profile “public” if what you post may discredit you.

Remember, every comment you make can trace back to your profile, so make sure your digital presence can impress and captivate the employer. Let them start chasing you for once!

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