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President - CREDI

Belmont or Morvant, North West Full time Posted On 04.26.2016 Employer


Role Objectives:

Provide leadership and develop and implement strategies that would:
  • Create a caring environment which promotes integral human development, emphasises the quality of learning and focuses on building capacity for creating learners;
  • Facilitate the achievement of the objectives of the various units/sub-groups of CREDI; and
  • Ensure the operational effectiveness and financial viability, growth and reputation of CREDI.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Ensure the continuous development of the members of the Senior Leadership Team (SLT) and departmental staff by facilitating access to professional and academic programmes
  •  Promote quality delivery through an effective performance management system
  • Actively manage Board approved annual and longer term budgets and present an overall report of CREDI’s operations at bi-monthly Board meetings
  • Ensure that organisational risks are minimised, profitability is maximised and all assets are duly protected
  • Inspire and generate enthusiasm among staff, faculty and students for the vision, mission and core values of the institution
  • Ensure that all MOU arrangements are adhered to by the relevant parties

Indigenous Programme Development
  • Respond to market needs and the pastoral and management needs of the Catholic Church
  • Ensure that all programmes meet the standards of educational practice and criteria as outlined by the Ministry of Education and ACTT

Foreign Programme Quality Review: University of Dayton and Duquesne University
  • Ensure that all programmes are subjected to a thorough assessment prior to adoption
  • Ensure that stakeholder feedback and student satisfaction forms and evaluation procedures are well documented and adhered to
  • Ensure that all policies are adhered to and are up to date and appropriate within the environment

Maintain Quality Programmes:
  • Ensure that all staff are qualified to deliver and assess the subject matter/content areas
  • Plan and manage the implementation of the delivery of programmes
  • Ensure there are adequate resources (both staff and materials)
  • Keep staff and faculty advised of any changes
  • Establish and monitor student support systems
  • Ensure staff/faculty carrying out assessments are familiar with and understand the required specifications
  • Discuss and ensure the implementation of any actions agreed with the external academic partner
  • Ensure that assignments and candidate evidence are available, clearly organised and accessible
  • Ensure compliance to the policies of the academic partner
  • Ensure that policies for equal opportunities and appeals are effectively operated
  • Provide feedback on relevant documentation regarding standards and procedures

Maintain Quality Management System:
  • Establish and maintain the Quality Assurance Manual
  • Promote quality achievement and performance improvement throughout the organisation
  • Set Quality Assurance compliance objectives and ensure that targets are achieved
  • Maintain awareness of the business context and company profitability, including budgetary control issues
  • Ensure that suppliers' and CREDI’s  product specifications and customer requirements are assessed
  • Monitor quality requirements from external suppliers
  • Ensure compliance with national and international standards and legislation
  • Consider the application of environmental and health/safety standards
  • Develop standards and establish clearly defined quality methods for staff to apply
  • Monitor quality procedures in conjunction with operating staff
  • In conjunction with relevant managers set up and maintain controls and documentation
  • Identify and respond to relevant quality-related training needs
  • Collate and analyse performance data and charts against defined parameters



Job ID:



President - CREDI


Belmont or Morvant, North West


Business Development, Education, Management, Nonprofit-Social Services, Research



Employment Type:

Full time




Business-Strategic Management : Business Unit Management, General-Other: Business-Strategic Management, President-Top Executive, School-College Administration
Education : Continuing-Adult , School-College Administration, University
Quality Assurance-Safety : General-Other: Quality Assurance-Safety

Job Requirements

  • Academically qualified to at least Ph.D. level
  • Has knowledge and experience in the area of Quality Assurance
  • Has significant experience in the area of Programme Development and Evaluation
  • Has experience in developing new systems and procedures to deliver effective decision-making
  • Has experience in business management, strategic planning and organisational development
  • Has demonstrated the ability to deal with people of all levels of education and has good communication and inter-personal skills
  • Excellent proficiency in office computer packages e.g. MS Office or equivalent, experience in databases would be desirable

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