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Database Administrator

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The Database Administrator (DBA) is responsible for the 24/7 uptime of databases that are utilized within the group of companies. The holder of this position is expected to effectively and efficiently provide support, solutions and resolutions, in keeping with industry best practices and standard. The intent is to attain and maintain data integrity, improved accessibility and continuous availability of the existing and future databases. This includes backend data structure and front-end accessibility to end-users.
End-users refer to administrators, developers, installers, system operators and servicers, who have authorized or approved use of or access to the database, whether directly or through client or third-party applications.

1. Manage Database Systems, including but not limited to existing and future database systems and platforms. This includes:
a. Maintenance database systems to ensure high availability and data quality to users.
b. Monitoring existing systems to determine any issues or concerns that may affect database availability, database performance and/or data integrity.
c. Installation of database platforms, where required and approved, including migration to new platforms.
d. Configuration of database systems to maintain an optimized environment that supports the applications and end-user needs.
e. Co-ordinate and perform any approved upgrade process.
f. Administration of database systems to maintain high levels of security and approved data access to the end-user, in an appropriate format and timely manner, including routine and scheduled testing and evaluation to ensure data security, privacy and integrity.
g. Provide effective support in effecting and enforcing database policies, procedures and standards.
h. Provide feedback and make recommendations for any fixes, patches, updates and tools that may be required to effect an optimized database environment.
2. Generate and maintain documentation, database policies, procedures and standards related to existing and future systems.
3. Participate in designing, testing and implementing a group-wide Disaster Recovery Strategy for existing and future database systems that will result in the shortest possible recovery time of systems, thus minimizing the impact .
4. Design and implement database systems and integrations, as part of approved projects that exist or may arise, in keeping with the agreed end-user requirements. This may include assisting in identifying those needs and determining the database requirements.
5. Provide end-user support for database issues, as required.
6. Any other duties, as determined and approved by authorized IT Management. 

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Database Administrator




Information Technology



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Permanent Full Time




IT-Software Development : Computer-Network Security, Database Development-Administration, General-Other: IT-Software Development, Network and Server Administration, Software-System Architecture, Telecommunications Administration-Management

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent (in a computer related programme) is required.
  • Microsoft Certified Database Administrator (MCDBA) certification or equivalent would be an asset.
  • At least 3-5 years work experience as Database Administrator or related field.
  • Working knowledge of database standards and end user applications.
  • Working knowledge of DBA tools for managing and monitoring databases.
  • Working knowledge of ETL and data warehousing will be an asset.
  • Familiarity with database design, documentation and coding.
  • Understanding of structured query language (SQL).
  • Knowledge of 'relational database management systems' (RDBMS), 'object oriented database management systems' (OODBMS) and XML database management systems.
  • Experience in an enterprise software solution would be considered an asset. 

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