How to Communicate Effectively

Be clear

  • Think about the outcome you wish to achieve and design your communication to achieve this.
  • Use standard terminology, refrain from jargon.
  • Practice your communication before you deliver it.

Practice the effective communication blend

  • Consider the words you use carefully – approx. 9%  of impact on audience.
  • Consider the tones you use while communicating – approx. 36% of impact on audience.
  • Consider your body language/movement “dance”, while communicating – approx. 55% of impact on audience.

Do check for understanding

  • Ensure your desired intent has had the desired impact.
  • Ask the other person/audience to clarify what they have heard.
  • If the other person/audience does not receive the message as intended, then you need to communicate in a different way, the onus is on you.


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