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Turnkey Environmental Management Services Ltd

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Turnkey Environmental Management Services
Independent drilling performance management and environmental compliance services
TEMS International is an independent provider of environmental management and compliance services to the global oil and gas industry.
The specialist services we deliver are focused on managing and optimising drilling performance and drilling waste in real time, while ensuring your asset reduces carbon footprint and remains in environmental compliance, wherever in the world you are operating.
We seek to become an integral part of your drilling team, achieving continuous improvement across the entire drilling programme, which can ultimately reduce costs.
Our team of technical environmental specialists have worked on drilling projects onshore and offshore around the world.  They have a detailed knowledge of drilling systems and environmental compliance legislation.  The objective analysis and recommendations that they provide can reduce costs over the life-cycle of a well, while ensuring legislative compliance is continually met or exceeded.
As a truly independent company, the unbiased advice and recommendations we provide are solely geared to maximising the drilling performance of an asset.
We support and add value to all phases of oil and gas exploration and production.  The cost savings that we can achieve for clients can be significant, often greater than the investment they make in employing our services.  The earlier we become involved in a project, the more efficient we can make operations and the more substantial the cost savings that can be realised.


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