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Oscar Francois Limited is based in the twin-island Republic of Trinidad and Tobago. Situated at the southernmost tip of the Caribbean archipelago, just north east of Venezuela, the country possess a stable political system and reserves of oil and natural gas. Trinidad and Tobago enjoyed a period of booming growth in the seventies, which has developed into a stable pattern of steady growth. These resources have made possible a high degree of education and sophistication, clearly demonstrated by the population's patterns of purchasing. The Trinidad and Tobago market is as diverse as its people, with an emphasis on products exhibiting international quality.

Oscar Francois Limited has had almost a half-century of experience providing service and value to this complex but rewarding market.
The Company provides service for its principals by. • Using the best sales representatives to promote its products
• Providing fast, responsive service to outlets
• Ensuring distribution accuracy
• Providing personalized brand management
• Maximizing sales opportunities

The implementation of these strategies is typically dynamic and fast paced. The Company makes decisions quickly and divides responsibilities to ensure that Divisions implement appropriate strategies with a minimum of delay. This clarity of focus is supported by a strong wide area network information base.

The organization consists of two co-ordinated companies. Oscar Francois Limited, which handles marketing, sales, warehousing and direct national distribution and Intersol Limited, a company organized under the aegis of the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC), which permits duty-free importation of raw and packaging materials as well as machinery. Intersol Limited is a licensed manufacturer of international brand name products and an exporter of its own brands to Caribbean countries.


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