Stay Safe When Applying For Jobs Online


Written by: Amelia C. Ramjarrie

Online job recruitment agencies are making it easier for job seekers to find vacancies. However, with data breaches, scams, and fraud becoming more prevalent, it’s important to know how to stay secure when searching for a job online.

At JobsTT, we remain committed to keeping our job seekers safe online by screening employers and posts before they are posted on our website and social media platforms.

However, we urge job seekers to consider the following tips when responding to any online job posting:

  1. Ensure the employer is a reputable and established business through a Google or LinkedIn search.
  2. Do not provide your credit card, bank account numbers, or other personal financial documentation.
  3. Insist on communicating via email or a business contact. Avoid using WhatsApp unless it’s to get the location of the company.
  4. Do not provide a photo of yourself if requested before the interview.
  5. Avoid applying for jobs that do not list the responsibilities.
  6. Do not agree to meet in places such as a house or an apartment for an interview.
  7. If the job is remote, request a virtual interview.

Additionally, JobsTT encourages you to do your due diligence when applying for a job. We recommend researching the company online to ensure they have an internet presence, mailing address, phone number, website, and email address. We also suggest that you look up the hiring manager’s profile on LinkedIn and their contact information should be listed on the hiring company’s website. Or you can contact the Human Resources Department via phone before applying to verify the validity of the job posting.