How to Efficiently Manage Change

Build upon a business need

  • Create urgency. Identify opportunities to be exploited and also potential threats .
  • Develop scenarios, showing what could happen in the future.
  • Request support and commitment from clients, outside stakeholders and industry people.

Promote the desire and connection

  • Create a Vision for Change with your team.
  • Ensure your company’s management team is on board. Kotter suggests that for change to be successful,  75% of a company’s management needs to “buy into” the change.
  • Create a change team by identifying/hiring change leaders whose main roles are to facilitate the change.

Drive communication and improvement

  • Take action to quickly remove barriers (human or otherwise).
  • Create short-term wins.  Talk about progress every chance you get. Tell success stories, recognise and reward people for making change happen.
  • After every win, analyse what went right, and what needs improvement.


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