How to Chair an Effective Meeting

Be sure the meeting is positioned correctly

  • Circulate the purpose, the agenda and the desired outcomes of the meeting and the meeting inputs before the meeting.
  • Ensure you have the right attendees.
  • Ensure the attendees understand why they have been asked to attend.

Practice using DADA to drive the meeting

  • Data – ensure accurate and timely data is used.
  • Analysis – review the data and understand the trends, gaps etc.
  • Decision – decide on what the data is telling you and what gaps need to be closed.
  • Action – decide on the specific actions to be taken to increase performance and record on the action log.

Do record the actions for ease of tracking and follow up

  • On the action log record the specific task to be undertaken, ask who will take the action, record their name next to the action.
  • Ensure each person who takes an action item states the due date for completion.
  • Follow up with each person who has an action mid-way between meetings, to check progress made.


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