How to Coach for Better Performance

Build clear goals and expectations

  • Support your team member in setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, timely) goals.
  • Your team member must be involved in the process so that they take ownership. The goal should be negotiated, not dictated.
  • Ensure there is collaboration between you and your team members, should the goals or   expectations change.

Provide accountability

  • Hold regularly scheduled coaching sessions to review your team members’ performance.
  • Motivate them to continue good performance.
  • At the end of each coaching session, ensure your team member has articulated the specific actions and completion dates.

Delve into new perspectives

  • Challenge absolute statements limiting or old belief that hold your team members back e.g. “I have never…” , “I always…”
  • Ask very specific thought provoking, open ended questions i.e. when, who, where, why, how, what.
  • Ensure you’re not telling your team members what to do or how to do things,  but rather helping them find the answers on their own.


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